Enrolment process

If you are interested in our courses and ready to start your path with WiC, we provide a several ways to lodge your application. Let our step-by-step guide take you through the enrolment process.

Step 1 – Choose course

Check our available course and course outline for English and academic entry requirements.

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Step 2 – Complete Enrolment form

Complete the enrolment form and sign after you have read the terms & conditions. You can either choose to complete the form online or download our paper enrolment form below.

Online enrolment OR Download enrolment form

Step 3 – Attached documents

Ensure you have attached all relevant documents. For example …

  • Certified copies of your passport
  • Certified copies of your official final high school certificate and transcript
  • Certified copies of your official college or university certificate and transcript
  • Certified copies of your IELTS or any relevant English certificate (including the explanation of levels and grades)
  • Copy of your current visa (if applicable)
  • Certified translations of any documents that are not in English

Step 4 – Submit your application

Please complete and forward your application to:

Wells International College
Lower Ground, 101 Sussex St. Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


Email to us at: info@wic.edu.au

Step 5 – Confirmation

If your application is successful, you will receive a Letter Of Offer in a nominated course along with a Written Student Agreement. Once we receive your signed student agreement and fees, we will send you a confirmation of Enrolment Form (CoE).

For international students, you will be able to use this form to apply for your student visa.