Lukas Trzmielak (Poland)

Certificate IV in Information Technology, 2014

I started my Certificate IV course in March. One of the reasons was the college study hours flexibility. It is divided into morning, afternoon and evening classes. As I work during the night, afternoon classes suited me best.

I was always good with computers, both hardware and software. I just grew up in very tech savvy family so I decided “why not to use it to build my future career?”. Because the IT industry is so developed and diverse into sub categories I thought it will be a good idea to start with Certificate IV to have a taste of which path I want to go with my Diploma studies as I still haven’t decided between becoming an App developer and a System Administrator.

The thing I like most about Wells International College is the understanding teachers, and friendly student services as well as the flexible timetable to suit nearly everyone’s day schedule. I would recommend it to everyone who is considering a path in the Information Technology industry.

Permisa Sathapornnhirattisai (Thailand)

Certificate III in Information Technology, 2011

G’day everyone, I like studying at Wells International College because I am actually learning something. At first it was hard because I had to study extra English before I could start my course. But now I can understand everything my Teacher says and I learn new things every day.

I also like the new timetable because it gives me more time to go out with my friends. The location of the college is also good because we are right in the middle of the Sydney CBD so I can go and watch all the latest movies together with my friends. I hope to go on to finish a Diploma and then go to University somewhere here in Sydney. I love Sydney.



Christophe Ah-vaye (Muaritius)

Diploma of Information Technology (Multimedia), 2010

Hi,my name is Christophe and I am from Mauritius. I have loved studying at Wells International College because the staff are so friendly and the Teachers are really great. Every time I had a question they were so helpful.

I have nearly completed my Diploma in Multimedia and I hope to continue on to University when I finish my course. I would recommend Wells International College to all of my friends back home and I hope they will join me very soon.

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